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About Us


Welcome to the world of beautiful agates.  I started to collect, study and learn about agates more than 40 years ago when I was a kid.  I’ve rekindled my interest and I now wish to share the beauty of my agates with you.  Many of the more affordable agates have their beauty hidden within.  I find tumble polishing rough agates to be the best way to expose the exquisite patterns within and around the entire stone.  See if you agree. I build my own rotary rock tumblers.  I have developed recipes that guarantee the smoothest finish and the highest gloss available.  My results are as good or better than hand polished.  My process is not quick but it’s consistent.  The large rough Montana Moss Agate and Lake Superior Agates can take up to 3 months on 1st grind alone.

Welcome to Agate-Beach


Agate Beach is owned by Mike Wendt.  My goal is to provide you the opportunity to view and buy some of the most beautiful agates in the world.  My focus is Lake superior Agates and Montana Moss Agates.   I like large specimens.  I show and sell world class tumbled polished Agates.  I also have in addition:  Oregon Agate, Mexican Agate, and Botswana Agate.

I also have tons of rough agate  for sale.  Call Mike at 253-720-9165 for details.

This online store features Lake Superior Agates and Montana Moss Agates. I also have other beautiful minerals and gorgeous rocks available for sale.   If you have good quality agates to sell, I would be interested in seeing them, and I also buy collections.

Here's what a Customer says:

What my customers say about my agates.

Christmas came early to my house. You really sent me some nice rocks. The Montana Moss agates are spectacular, both the large and smaller sizes. You also threw in two very big Oregon Beach agates. The Botswana Banded agates are really beautiful. Thank you for the orange ones too.Thank you for the huge surprise agates. The Black Skin agate and Amethyst Agate from Mexico. My kids are fighting for the Black Skin agate. To me, it looks like museum quality. The tumbled and polished quartz are really cool. Great rocks, very pleased, and a wonderful bargain. Both the kids and myself are extremely happy with the agates!!!Will be placing another order sometime after the first of the year.

A School Counseler

I use polished agates in my work as a school counselor! I have a bowl of them out in both my elementary and high school offices, and keep a supply of smaller ones to give out to the students. I find that they are a great conversation starter and relaxation tool to employ while seeing the kids. More importantly, many students say having a rock with them is a great stress and anxiety reliever throughout the day, and that holding and rubbing it can help them to both focus and calm down. Additionally, I believe that the act of giving them an agate provides a connection between us that can serve as a "reminder" of the work we are doing together on their issues. These beautiful Agate-beach agates have proved to be a wonderful addition to my counseling practice. 

Local agate collector

I had the opportunity to attend a “barrel opening” this weekend and for the first time it did not include a long stem glass with bread and fancy cheese. This was a barrel opening on the shores of Bonney Lake at the home of a connoisseur of fine agates named Mike Wendt owner of Agate-Beach. com. Mike has developed and perfected the art of agate polishing in a most exquisite way. Not only is he an expert at the art of polishing but he is also willing and happy to share his method and mixture for a most surprising shine. He has built an impressive array of tumblers that run multiple barrels of rock at speeds varying from 30 revolutions per minute down to an incredibly slow 15 rpm for the final polish. Using Tripoli powder for the final polish which is less expensive than most final stage abrasives he creates a mirror shine that is truly like no other. Mike specializes in two different agate forms - Lake Superior and Montana Moss but also rounds out his barrels with jaspers, petrified wood, plume, Moroccan, Laguna agate, obsidian and quartz just to name a few. From what he showed us he is able to polish almost any stone and has, based on his many display pieces. During the visit he opened 15 different barrels, spread out on a table. After our group of about eight agate enthusiasts had picked over and out our beauties, Mike gave us a tour of his studio and we had a chance to look at some plume agates (his personal favorite) under a microscope.  Call 253 720 9165 if your in the area and want to join in the fun.  Mike

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