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Tumbling Rocks the DVD How to build a rotary rock tumbler Instructions for tumbling obsidian and Apache tears tumbling lake superior agate polishing Montana Moss Agate and Quartz Crystal

Just Released. The DVD showing you my tumbler secrets

My Secrets for Fabulous Results with a Rotary Tumbler. 
Learn how to tumble polish Lake Superior agate with quartz centers to a glass finish.  

Learn how to polish large quartz crystals to a hand polish finish. Imagine tumbling big obsidian nodules to a mirror finish with a rotary tumbler. 

See some of the most spectacular Montana Moss Agates ever polished.  See how to build a large rotary rock tumbler.

Tumbling Rocks! The DVD

Tumbling Rocks the DVD

Here it is!  The DVD on how to build your own tumbler and get fabulous results. 

The DVD contains pictures of many of my best tumbled specimens. 

The DVD includes recipes for various types of rock.  

I show you a step by step guide for building a 48 inch track tumbler out of easily obtained parts.

To order  Tumbling Rocks the DVD call 253-720-9165 or

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Tumbling Rocks! How to obtain a hand polished quality.

Beautiful Lake Superior Agates

See how you can obtain the best quality results with a rotary rock tumbler.

Spectular Montana Moss Agates

Learn how to take big rough Montana Agates and turn them into gems.

See the Museum gallery of Montana Moss Agates

See a gallery of museum quality montana moss agates
Spectacular Montana Moss Agates
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