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Agates from Around the World

Plume Agate from Southern Utah

Hard Rock Mined Plume Agate red, yellow, and black plumes

Horsehead Canyon Moss Agate Northern Nevada

Red and Green Moss Agate looking like Seaweed

Chinese Agates look similiar to Lake Superior Agates

Naturally Tumbled Agates from the Yanze RIver in China

World Class Gallery You have entered the World Agate gallery.  This gallery contains interesting agates from around the world   Most have been machine tumbled to bring out the hidden beauty.  Some like Chinese agates  have been naturally tumbled in Rivers.  I will be adding to this collection as I acquire and polish new agates.  This is only a sample of the thousands of types of agates which are found around the world.  There are several wonderful books featuring agates from around the world.  Many of the agates shown here are not included in those books.  Collecting agates from around the world is great fun.  It is fascinating to notice the differences between agates not only within one location but also from one location to another.  The varieties seem endless.  So here are a few of my favorites.    Please enjoy.

Indonesia Blue Agate

Indonesia Blue Agate often have pink banding in the center. This one shows a strong cloud like patterns on the outside.

Snake Skin Agate from Eastern Oregon

This agate is found with a cross hatch pattern and heavily oxidized. Tumbling with small round agates removes the oxidation and the patterns and leaves behind a naturally sculptured shape.

Saginite from Oregon near the Idaho Border

These agates are often plain. But sometimes you find fabulous saginite sprays. This one looks very much like crystals in Quartz.

Saginite from Oregon near the Idaho Border

This is the top side of the previous agate where the saginite sprays coming up through the agate nodule. Tumbling allows you to see all sides of a 3 dimensional crystal. The rough surface of these agates often prevents you from seeing the saginite before polishing.

Eastern Oregon Plume Agate

This Oregon Plume Agate has both green and gray plumes. Tumbling this 20 ounce specimen allows one to see a three dimensional view around the agate.

Gray and White Laguna Agate Northern Mexico

Tumbling can turn a low grade Laguna agate into something special. The rough Laguna agate requires a lot of time in first grind.

Laguna Agate Mexico

Unusual view of banding of different colors is seen through a quartz encasement. Tumbling allows a view of the surface of the bands rarely seen by face polishing.

Laguna Agate Mexico

Another great surprise while tumbling low grade agates. Red Laguna agate from south of El Paso, Tx

Mexican Lace agate

Every side of this Mexican Lace Agate has interesting and beautiful banding.

Black River Agate, Argentina

Black River Agate, Argentina. Naturally river-tumbled banded agate. Similar look to Lake Superior Agates

Texas Moss Agate

These agates are found near Marpha Texas. Many have plume patterns for which they are famous. Others like this one show intricate moss patterns which vary across the entire agate.

Poka-dot agate from Eastern Oregon

The Poka-dot agate produces many variations all without banding. A three dimensional polished works well with this agate.

Psydomorph Agate from Turkey

Tumbling allows one to see the 3 dimensional psudomorph forms. This one has flower-like buds around the entire agate. This is a 20 Oz agate.

Psydomorph Agate from Turkey

Tumbling allows one to see the 3 dimensional psudomorph forms. This one has white sprays and banding. This is another 20 Oz agate.

Morocco Shadow Banded Agate

Although these agates are limited in color to white and clear, the shadow-banding parallax effect is so pronounced that these agates are spectacular to look at.

Morocco Mountain Agate

These are from a recent agate formation. Many have crystals in cavities. Others like this one, show crystal structures and tubes within the agate.

Texas Moss Agate

These agates are found near Marpha Texas. Red and yellow often mix within one agate. These show ribbon-like moss patterns.

Brazilian Beach Agate

These agates are found in Southern Brazil on Rio Du Sol. (River of the sun). I understand there are beaches  where there are only agates to be found. Just imagine that! I have these for sale. I have a good supply of these agates. The types, patterns, and sizes vary widely. See Products menu for details.
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