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Creative Ideas Some Creative Uses for Tumbled Agates

Bathroom tile accents

In my downstairs bathroom, I created an agate wall accent with two horizontal strips of tumbled agate between rows of slate tile. Working on a flat surface, I used a wooden frame (3 inches by 30 inches) to set the tumbled agates into the shape I wanted.  First, a fiberglass mesh was placed under the frame and then the agates were arranged by size and shape to fit nicely together until I got the design I wanted.  Secondly, the agates were lifted, one at a time, and glued back down with 5 min. epoxy to the mesh underneath.  After the glue had set, the frame was removed. I repeated this process for each strip.

Tumbled agate on fiberglass mesh as tile

Polished agate in 30 inch by 3 inch strips

The agates on the fiberglass mesh were then attached to the wall with tile adhesive. I used extra thin-set on the mesh so the entire strip would stay in place as the adhesive dried.   Any extra adhesive was wiped off the agates after the agate strips were firmly attached.  I let the thin-set dry for 2 days to make sure it was totally dry. 


Next, grout was forced between all the agates.  I used my hands with rubber gloves to force the grout into all the gaps between the agates.  I let everything set for an hour before wiping off the extra grout. 


Here is a picture of the (almost) finished project. The tumbled agate strips are beautiful and impressive. I get many compliments on them.

Bathtub surround with tumbled agate

Tile application of tumbled agate

The reason I kept the tumbled agate high up on the wall was to minimize the need to clean all the grout between the agates in the years ahead.  Less water hits higher on the wall.


Agate accents could also be used on walkways and shower floors, for backsplashes and even for counter-tops.   Patterns for design are endless and up to your imagination.


I have fiberglass mesh and beautiful tumbled agates of all sizes for sale.  Call Mike (253-760-9165) for details. 

Mosaic light structures

These light fixtures are made of agate and glass in resin, 12 feet long and 15 inches wide.

Agate Light Fixtures

Ever wonder what a light fixture made out of tumbled agate would look like?  How about a fixture 12 feet tall and 15 inches in diameter!   The agates and glass are imbedded in acrylic resin.   They are suspended 30 feet up in the air at a Casino in Connecticut.  This order kept me pretty busy tumbling agates.  The architectural firm needed over 1200 pounds of small tumbled agates.  These agates are laid out in Indian Motif patterns.

Close-up of a fixture panel

Translucent agates were selected for this application.

Burnishing Pottery with a Polished Agate

Here’s a use for tumbled agates that I would never have thought of!  These Southwestern Pottery vases were burnished (rubbed until shiny) by using one of my Polished Montana Moss Agates.  The hard and smooth surface of the agate gives the pottery a glossy smooth finish.  My customer uses my Montana Moss Agates for his students to create this types of pottery.  He uses agates 3 inches x 2 inches x 1 inch for the burnishing process.

Burnishing Pottery

More ideas for Tumble Agates

Here are some ideas and photos from David Beckius.  You can see more of his work on his Mosaic web site. 

Tumbled Agates below are used as a “picture” within a tile frame. This one is displayed in a stand on the counter.

Picture Frame with Agates in Mosaic Pattern

Tumbled stones in a clover leaf patern

Agates can also be used as part of a centerpiece surrounding

More ideas for tumbled agates

Candle Vase

Do you have Ideas?

So as you can see, there are many wonderful ideas you can dream up. If you have pictures of your tumbled agate creations, send them to me so I can include them in this list of ideas!  Please include a description of how you created them.

Thanks and happy creating,  

Mike Wendt


Intention Stones

Intention Stones

 These tumbled agates have been selected for there beauty and feel.  Carry one with you to remind yourself of the gratitude you have for all that is good in your life. The Law of Attraction states that we attract that which we focus our attention upon. Use the sensory pleasure of looking at and feeling this beautiful, natural agate to engage your mind, body and emotions.  At the start of each day hold the intention of the feelings that you wish to experience as you hold this stone.  Keep the stone handy in a pocket, and use it as a reminder of your desired intention and gratitude through out the day. Let go of your expectations but be aware of and grateful for the goodness you attract.   

See product: WA 17 for purchasing intention stones.
Or call Mike at 253 720 9165

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