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Agate Hunting Yellowstone River

Kayaks on the Yellowstone

  We kayak the river between access points.  The river is very low in late September so many of the access points are unusable by bigger boats.  So its just us Kayakers.  We will travel 10 to 20 miles a day. I usually pick up 200 plus pounds of agates and petrified wood daily.  This was a good year as you will see below.  The river was turned over with the big floods last year and this year was exceptionally low.  This was a great year for agate hunting. These kayaks will float 900 pounds.  At 200 pounds of rock I'm sitting pretty low.  Also getting a bit wet.

A full load of agates.

Lots of beaches to hunt

There were lots of  rock beaches exposed this year.  The hunting was amazing.

Lots of beaches to hunt

More rock bars

Beautiful views

We had perfect weather this year 70 - 80 degrees all week.  Little wind.  Since it's late in the fall few bugs!!

Beautiful views

Bison Skull

I brought home pictures,  I left the skull out on a rock bar.

You never know what your going to find!

1500 pounds of agates and petrified wood. In 5 days.

My favorites for the week

Blue tint with lots of dendrites. My best for the week.

3 nice limb casts

Quartz with some agate banding. Most unusual!

Red moss agate

Banded Moss Agate

Paradise for an agate hunter

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