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Rough Agate For SALE Agate for Tumbling and Cutting

Rough Lake Superior and Montana Moss Agate and Oregon Agate

Yes!!  I have piles of rough agates for you to tumble.  I have a huge supply of Lake Superior Agate,  Montana Moss Agate, and Oregon Agate.  I have more than I can ever use and I will gladly sell them at a fabulous price by the pound.  Prices depend on grade, on size and type of agate.  A mix of agates are the least expensive.  I suggest you order an extra pound or more of pre-tumbled mix to bring the volume up to 75% full for the final polishing steps.  Email or call me and tell me what you want.

Call Mike at 253 720 9165

I have lots of Lake Superior Agates for sale. These rough looking agates (when polished) are often real gems.
I have thousands of pounds of Montana Agate for sale. I have hand selected every agate for it's potential to be polished. These are some of the best Montana Agates you will find anywhere. Many are from old collections and most would be prize finds on a day trip out on the Yellowstone River. Email or call me with what you want. 253-720-9165
You are looking at part of my rock garden and much of it is for sale. Let me know what you are looking for. In addition to Lake Superior Agate and Montana Moss Agate and Oregon Agate, I have several types of agate from India. Black Skin Agate and Red and Green Moss Agate and Jasper. I have rough Brazil Agate and lots of Petrified Wood and Obsidian and Apache Tears. You will like my prices. Remember if your order is over $150, I ship for free.
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