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Museum Gallery Lake Superior Agate

Laker Group 1

12 Agates

Welcome to Agate-Beach and the Lake Superior Gallery

You have entered the Lake Superior Agate gallery.  These Lake Superior agates are top grade and many are rare variations.    The exceptional glass mirror finish is obtained by running them a full month on 400 grit and polish.  The formation of Lake Superior Agates began over 1 billion years ago making them among the oldest agates on Earth.  Lava flows poured out of rifts in what is now the Lake Superior region.  Hundreds of lava flows accumulated into mountains of basalt.  This sudden accumulation of billions of tons of rock actually pushed a depression in the earth's crust.  This depression later became the Lake Superior basin.  As the lava cooled internal steam and carbon dioxide bubbles were trapped in the lava.  Mineralized water percolated through these cavities depositing layers of silica (SiO2).  Cooler temperatures allowed chalcedony or agate to form in layer after layer.  High temperatures caused quartz crystals to form.   Erosion over the next billion years disintegrated the mountain of softer basalt leaving behind the harder quartz and agate nodules.  Finally, 2 million years ago the ice age began.  A series of glaciers scattered agates from Minnesota to Kansas.  The internal motions of the glaciers abraded, fractured and rough polished the agates.  As the glaciers melted, rivers and lakeshores further abraded the agates.  Iron within the agate reacting with oxygen produced colors ranging from red to brown.  The vivid spectrum of colors make Lake Superior agates one of the most beautiful and sought after agates in the world.    Please enjoy.

Beautiful Lake Superior Agate

This beautiful banded agate was hidden behind a laminite coating.

Lake Superior Agate with tight pattern

The inclusions have been replaced with hemitite.

Lake Superior Agate with Saginite sprays

This large Lake Superior Agate contains Saginite sprays and remmants of rutile crystals.

Lake Superior Agate with a quartz float pattern

The alternating layers of clear quartz make a wild pattern.

Lake Superior Agate with tube pattern

I think the tube patterns in this Lake Superior Agate were formed around calcite crystals. The tube patterns are fascinating.

Lake Superior Agate with moss pattern structures

Very unusual Lake Superior agate showing both moss agate patterns and banding.

Very usual Lake Superior Agate

This Lake Superior Agate shows larger tube patterns and small circle dot patterns in the background.

Lake Superior Tube Agate

The tube agates have interesting formations.

Rare Flower plume agate

Lake Superior Agate with rare flower like plumes.

Lake Superior Tube Agate

Clear Quartz looking into tube formations.

Lake Superior Agate with lacy banding

Lake Superior Agate with lacy banding interesting colors and moss formation on the bottom.

Lake Superior Agate

Lake Superior Agate with red and white tube formations.

Lake Superior all tube agate

Tube pattern through out the entire agate.

Lake Superior all tube agate

Tube pattern through out the entire agate. This agate is close to 2 pounds tumbled.

Lake Superior tumbled agates

I have rough Lake Superior Agates for your tumbling pleasure. Lake Superior Agates are beautiful tumbled. Tumble grade agates start at $6.00 per pound. Call Mike at 253 720 9165
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